Mark Sauter, has been an exemplary employee for quite some time now. He took the challenge of beginning to run work after being a lead mechanic on successful projects like Stone Ridge; where Mark set an example of doing what it takes to train the next generation of Mechanics while executing his own responsibilities.

Since beginning to run work as a Foreman, Mark has begun to excel as an example of what it takes to do his job all-the-way. From communicating with customers and his project team to writing RFI’s, calling subcontractors and vendors, Mark has stepped up in a big way.

Mark’s easy-going attitude, sense of humor and ability to take things as they come, has made him as valuable as he is reliable. Always willing to go the extra mile. Whether it’s working longer hours or being other Foreman’s first call when there’s a need for Saturday help. Mark’s answer is typically yes.

Most recently, Mark has been involved in running multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Port Discovery
  • Total Health Care
  • Dreyers Locker Room
  • Dreyers Warehouse Expansion
  • GT Mid-Atlantic

All these projects were successful – in meeting or beating the estimated budget.

Currently, Mark’s working on a project at Union Memorial Hospital – a 2-story renovation of the Heart & Vascular building. This project has already shown to be a challenge which Mark has taken in stride. Now being partnered with Justin Beaver, we have no doubt that this too will be a successful project!

Everyone at Ariosa is excited to see what’s next for this duo!