St. Joseph Fullerton School

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Baltimore
Gold Award Winner

The St. Joseph Fullerton School HVAC Upgrade project was awarded to Ariosa as the first phase for the school – updating an antiquated and inadequate heating only system.

A few of the rooms are on the lower level on the interior of the building with no windows or any means of fresh air. Solutions to the problems consisted of adding a Rooftop Unit on the roof to supply conditioning to the Gymnasium, as well as the desired fresh air on the lower-level interior rooms.

The fresh outside air for the lower-level spaces was delivered through the VRF terminal units installed within those areas. Conditioning of the Gymnasium was accomplished using a flexible and durable “duct-sock” installed high in the ceiling. Exposed duct work installed in the Gym was hidden behind walls re-enforced to withstand abuse.

Through constant communication with the various vendors and customer, we were able to manage changes, decisions and modifications – quickly and with confidence.

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St. Joseph School – Fullerton


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